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Gary Pryor – Business Consultant & Scholarship Founder

Gary Pryor Grant

About Gary Pryor

Gary Pryor, Sr. Business Consultant, Waters Business Consulting Group, LLC .
  • Gary Pryor was a merger & acquisitions expert. Formelly Gary served as Executive Chairman of FuturePay Inc, a Merchant Branded Consumer Finance company (
  • Gary Pryor’s specialization in transactions is rooted in his extensive Wall Street experience, which began with Merrill Lynch International and the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York (JP Morgan). During his tenure at Morgan, he proved his skills in Morgan’s fixed income securities department.
  • Pryor left Morgan to form his own corporate finance firm in New York assisting food-related companies with mergers and acquisitions, and corporate finance. He was a partner with management in many of the 20 plus projects he directed in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Arizona, Prague, and Nairobi, Kenya. Pryor specialized in retail and institutional food and beverage capitalization and sales/exit facilitation. He is well known throughout the food industry as one of the founders of the “Home Meal Replacement” industry.
  • Pryor was recruited by Arizona based Circle K Stores Inc. / Tosco to manage a 217 store fresh food program and develop a hybrid grocery/restaurant, prepared foods store named Emilys Market.
  • Following his tenure with Circle K, Pryor joined Hunter Wise Financial Group, a California based NASD/FINRA investment banking firm, as the partner in charge of mergers and acquisitions, where he specialized in buy-side representations for private equity funds. While at Hunter Wise Pryor led the acquisition of Smith & Wesson from Tomkins PLC
  • Following his tenure at Hunter Wise, Mr. Pryor acquired several food related businesses including three USDA certified frozen food manufacturing companies including Festive Foods LLC in Waupaca Wisconsing as well as multiple restaurants throughout the United States including Michaels and M Culinary, Zinc Bistro, Murry Brothers Caddyshack,
  • Pryor received a BA in Government from the St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY.

Application Process

Gary Pryor understands the importance of higher education in transforming society as well as helping young people achieve their long-term educational and career objectives. As a response, we’re pleased to present a $1,000 scholarship competition.

Grant Information

Award: One student will be awarded $1,000; (nonrenewable) to be paid directly to their college or university admissions office.

Deadline: The scholarship application deadline is March – 30, 2023. The awarded student will be contacted by us in April- 10, 2023.

Award-Announcement: The scholarship application announcement April – 15, 2023.

Eligibility Requirements

To be qualify for the scholarship competition, candidates must complete the following requirements:

  • You must be currently enrolled at college/university in the U.S.
  • You must be at least 18 years old when you enter.
  • You must submit an essay by March – 30, 2023.

Please write & submit an essay of 700 to 800 words on the provided topic to be eligible for "Gary Pryor Grant".

  • Essay question:  Describe a time in your life when you felt that you were treated unfairly. How did it affect you and how were you able to get past whatever it was?
  • Essay submissions should be no less than 600 words.
  • All essays will be evaluated based on their content quality, originality, and practicality.

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